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Everything Apple!!!!!!!!!

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:16 pm

When the iPhone

came out in June, many people (including me) loved it, but wanted it
without the phone—and that pesky two-year contract with AT&T
Wireless. I'm no Luddite, but I don't want my personal media player to
ring in the middle of a song.
That said, the multitouch glass display was beautiful, Cover Flow was a
great way to navigate tracks, and the Web browser was better than any
other portable player's before it. Apple could have delivered a player
with just these features and nothing more and I would have been
thrilled. But it didn't. Instead, the company, in the new iPod touch,
has added a Wi-Fi version of the iTunes Music Store so you can buy
songs on the go—now, if you have Wi-Fi access, you can download tracks
anywhere. Apple has also announced a partnership with Starbucks that
enables iPhone and touch owners to purchase songs they hear in
Starbucks stores via Wi-Fi. Okay, maybe I'm not in love with that last
feature (I'm not a Starbucks addict). It would also be nice if the
Wi-Fi store offered video purchases, too—it's currently music only.
And, yes, the earbuds still suck. But those are my only complaints, and
they are minor. The relatively hefty $300 and $400 price tags for 8GB
and 16GB, respectively, don't bug me either. Why? This is probably the
best portable media player ever made.


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